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Office of the Inspector General: "Right and Forward"





The 10th Army Air and Missile Defense Command Inspector General inquires into and periodically reports on matters affecting mission performance and the state of discipline, efficiency, morale, economy, readiness, and esprit-de-corps of the 10th AAMDC community and performs other duties as may be required by law and regulation or as directed by the Commander.

IG Confidentiality--YOUR rights


Persons who ask the IG for help, make a complaint, give evidence, contact or assist an IG during an inspection or investigation, or otherwise interact with an IG, often have an expectation of confidentiality. This expectation encompasses safeguarding their identity and the nature of their contact with the IG, and protection against reprisal. The IG has a duty to protect confidentiality to the maximum extent possible, particularly when it is specifically requested. While the need for confidentiality and the measures necessary to protect it will vary with the circumstances, the IG always gives this issue priority attention. It is important to remember that, while confidentiality is a priority with Inspectors General, it cannot always be guaranteed. Reference Army Regulation 20-1 or contact your IG for more information.

How to Submit an Inspector General Action Request (IGAR)


Individuals requesting assistance should fill out DA Form 1559, Inspector General Action Request, prior to seeing the IG.

Please read ALL of the following instructions to complete the request.


The DA Form 1559 is used to secure sufficient information to make inquiries into matters presented to the IG, to provide a response to the requester(s), and/or take action to correct deficiencies. A person who makes a request for IG assistance is the requester. When the requester presents the IG with allegation(s) or issue(s), the IG will ask the requester to fill out a DA Form 1559. If the requester contacts the IG telephonically, the DA Form 1559 is filled out by the IG taking the call. The information provided on this form provides the IG with the initial base of knowledge to begin an inquiry.

If you choose to submit an issue anonymously, the IG will be unable to notify you of the findings that may directly impact you.

Please download DA Form 1559 and complete it prior to contacting the IG. You can visit in person or mail/email the form to us. Please ensure all information is filled out completely.



Download DA 1559 (PDF Fillable Format)




  1. Enter your complete name as shown in your official records (OPTIONAL: If you wish to remain anonymous, enter: "Anonymous").
  2. Enter your current rank (N/A if you desire to remain anonymous).
  3. Enter your DOD ID Number (N/A if you desire to remain anonymous). Note: Be sure and read the Privacy Act Information above this block.
  4. Enter your duty phone number OR an appropriate contact number (N/A if you desire to remain anonymous).
  5. Enter your complete military OR civilian email address (Note: We need to be able to contact you. Please enter one or the other).
  6. Ask yourself, "What do I want the IG to do for me?" Please be brief and to the point.
  7. Under 'Information Pertaining To This Request', please collect your notes and thoughts and write all relevant information to your issue in this location. Feel free to use continuation sheets if necessary. Keep in mind, you should have the information relevant to your issue orderly and as thorough as possible before seeing an IG. This will help us help you better.
  8. Check whether you do or do not consent to the release of your personal information outside of IG channels (but within DoD official channels).
  9. Please sign and date the form (only if you are not requesting to submit an issue anonymously).
  10. Save the completed form. Attach and email to the Inspector General Email address.



E-mail the Inspector General


Note: Once you complete DA Form 1559, it becomes an official IG record and must be handled accordingly. If you have questions concerning IG information sensitivity or DA Form 1559, you may consult Army Regulation 20-1, Inspector General Activities and Procedures or contact the IG.

More info

Office of the Inspector General 
Location: Rhine Ordnance Barracks, Bldg. 199                                       
DSN: (314) 493-2224 / 2225 
Commercial in Europe: 49 (0)631-3406-2224 / 2225   
Mailing Address:                             
10th AAMDC
Attention: Inspector General (AECG-AMD-IG)                                          Unit 25357                                      APO AE 09067

BEFORE you contact the IG


Be sure you have a problem, not just a peeve.

Give your chain of command a chance to solve the problem. Many problems must be addressed to the chain of command for resolution anyway.

If IG assistance is needed, contact your local IG first. IGs at higher commands will normally refer the case to the local IG for action.

Be honest and don't provide misleading information. IGs will discover the truth quickly in most cases and there are penalties for knowingly providing false information.

Keep in mind that IGs are not policy makers. If a policy is flawed, you can submit a proposed change on DA Form 2028, Recommended Changes to Publications and Blank Forms.

Keep in mind that IGs can only recommend, not order a resolution. Only commanders can order; the role of the IG is to advise the commander.

Remember IGs can only resolve a case on the basis of fact. Your claim that a supervisor has violated the rules doesn't make it fact. A claim must be supported with evidence.

Don't expect instant action on your request… Be patient. Investigations take time, and IGs tend to have heavy workloads.

Be prepared to take "No" for the answer. The IG will determine if the issue(s)/allegation(s) is IG appropriate. If not appropriate, then the IG will hand off to the appropriate agency.