Air and Missile Defense for Europe and Africa

Mission: 10th AAMDC coordinates, executes, and sustains combined and joint IAMD operations to defend the Combined Forces Commander’s critical assets, enable freedom of maneuver, and integrate AMD capabilities within the USEUCOM and USAFRICOM AORs, and is prepared to conduct operations across the spectrum of competition and conflict.


Vision: 10th AAMDC is the unit of choice in Europe and Africa, helping to secure global peace and prosperity where every individual is critical to success. 10th AAMDC accomplishes this by being a superbly led and ready organization. 10th AAMDC is integrated with joint, allied, and partner forces and is equipped with the most modern and capable IAMD systems.

  • Strengthen strategic ties while building partnership capacity

    – Multinational Partner engagement

    • European Air Defense Task Force
    • NATO Air Missile Defense
    • Partnership events

    – Sensor Management

  • Conduct joint and multinational operations in support of Full Spectrum Operations

    – European Phased Adaptive Approach

  • Building Strong Soldiers and Strong Teams

    – Strategic Communication
    – Leader Development
    – Family Readiness

    The 10th AAMDC is manned, trained, and equipped to perform its Wartime and Garrison missions in support of the Commander, US Europe Command/ the Supreme Allied Command Europe and the Commander, US Army Europe with competent and proficient subject matter experts soundly integrated with our joint and multinational partners in all aspects of air and missile defense operations.

    The 5th Battalion, 7th Air Defense Artillery Regiment provides command and control operations of Patriot Batteries and deploys on order. The unit provides air and missile defense operational and exercise planning for USAREUR and Seventh Army, tactical training, certification and evaluation of subordinate Patriot Batteries.

    The 5th Battalion, 4th Air Defense Artillery Regiment is the only active duty Short Range Air Defense (SHORAD) Battalion. The unit provides command and control of Avenger Batteries, is postured to receive the new IM-SHORAD platform in FY21 and deploys on order.

    The 11th Missile Defense Detachment provides early warning/surveillance and tracking of intercontinental and intermediate range ballistic missiles as part of the global ballistic missile defense system.

    • Conducts sustained command post exercises to validate ALL communications mediums and exercise our joint kill chain responsibilities
    • Assess and aggressively improves capabilities of our formation through modernization – equip ourselves and Soldiers
    • Leverage institutional, organizational, and self development to achieve core competency subject matter experts – aggressive Leadership Development Program from SGT to MAJ
    • Leverages joint and multinational training events to hone skills.
    • Develops sound relationships/partnerships with our sister Services and international partners; promotes understanding of capabilities and limitations
    • Empowers subordinate leaders (SGT-CPT) to train Soldiers on critical functions of Soldier readiness – shoot, move, communicate, save lives.
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