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On order, 10th AAMDC deploys within the USEUCOM AOR to conduct air and missile defense operations with joint and multi-national Allies and Partners in order to protect the Combined Forces Commander’s critical assets, enable freedom of movement, and integrate air and missile defense capabilities. 10th AAMDC serves as USAREUR’s executive agent for all theater air and missile defense operations and force management.

The command remains ready and responsive by strengthening strategic ties and building allied and partner capacity through integration with joint and multinational partners in all aspects of air and missile defense operations and exercises. Recent missions include NATO air and missile defense operations in Turkey, exercises JUNIPER COBRA 16 in Israel, ANAKONDA 16 in Poland, JOINT PROJECT OPTIC WINDMILL 17 in the Netherlands, TOBRUQ LEGACY 17 in Romania, Lithuania, Bulgaria and Slovakia, and ARTEMIS STRIKE 17 Live Fire at the NATO Missile Firing Installation, Crete. Additionally, 10th AAMDC maintains ongoing operations by providing sensor management and forward-based radar sites to operations in support of USEUCOM and NATO.

10th AAMDC remains ready to provide AMD defense of critical assets, deter aggression, and promote regional security and stability in support of “The Year of Integration.”


The 10th AAMDC Leaders’ Line email is a leaders’ networking tool to provide members of the command with an additional means of contacting 10th AAMDC senior leaders.

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